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Maxi Cab Singapore

What Exactly is a Maxi Cab?

For airport transfers, client pickups, wedding rides, chauffeured limousine and more.


Private Limousine


Bigger Groups


Affordable & Easy

A maxi cab is a private limousine, which means you can use us for any function and to go to more places... even JB or KL.


Our fleet ranges from a luxurious Mercedes Benz S-Class limousine to a Toyota Vellfire, which sits 7 full-sized adults.


Call +65 9279 8886 at anytime or use our booking form. Our rates start from only S$50 for a Toyota Vellfire.

What is a Maxi Cab?

A maxi cab is a private limousine service, using oversized passenger vehicles like the Mercedes Vito and Toyota Hi Roof. The former can comfortably fit up to seven adults plus luggages, while the latter has space for up to thirteen adults including luggages. This makes the maxi cab a natural choice for group transport (e.g. families, tourist groups, corporate groups, etc.), or anyone who desires a more spacious ride than your usual run-of-mill taxi. In addition to the Mercedes Vito and Toyota Hi Roof, most operators also offer luxury 4-seater limousines like the Mercedes Benz E-Class and Mercedes Benz S-Class, for the more discerning customer.

Advantages of Maxi Cabs versus Taxis
1. More vehicle options, use of service and location flexibilty.
2. Sits more people, up to 13 adults, so you don't need to separate from your group.
3. More economical - put your group in 1 maxi cab instead of 2 or 3 taxis.
4. Conveniences of private limousines, e.g. don't need to get down at Singapore/JB immigration.

However if you still prefer local taxis, you can make a telephone booking through our
Singapore taxi number list.

Booking a Maxi Cab
You cannot flag down a maxi cab like an ordinary taxi. You must call to book in advance or via an online booking form - specifiying the number of passengers, date/time of the trip and pick-up/drop-off points. The maxi cab industry in Singapore is highly competitive, and licensed operators charge roughly the same rates and use the same type of vehicles. Rates start from S$50 per trip, and goes up depending on the selected vehicle, distance, number of stops and whether the trip takes place during peak or off-peak times.

When to Use a Maxi Cab?
There are many uses for a maxi cab in Singapore, most commonly being for
airport transfer to/from Changi Airport, especially when travelling in a big group. It is definitely more convenient and comfortable, compared to travelling by MRT or a taxi.

Other uses of a maxi cab include:
- point-to-point travel to anywhere in Singapore.
- client pickups or meeting transfers.
- chauffered wedding limousine.
- group transport, e.g. to dinner in a restaurant.
- visits to a hospital by a wheelchair-bound patient.
- school children on field trips.
- and many more..


Maxi Cab Rates

Maxi Cab Booking


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